#1 - makes sense, but it varies wildly. If I had to choose between a job that falls well in my area of expertise at Google and self-employed, I'd go with Google. I am self employed now though and it comes with its own set of challenges, mainly that you need to become versed in marketing ASAP, well beyond the scope of the 'sell yourself for an interview' thing.

#2 - well, the analysis from Independent for BTC is way too misleading. Sure, BTC has gained about 30% for the current year, but as they also note it gained more than 30% by mid-February (went well over the 10k USD mark), then fell through the beginning of the Covid crisis and gained with the usual bumps and falls along the way, now going around 9k mark.

BTC is NOT an inflation-protection device mainly because ... it behaves the same way as it always has. Ups and downs, partially driven by its fans and countered by the short-tem profiteers. Not even the crisis changed that.

Precious metals, on the other hand, are always a well-known safe haven during crisis and market volatility. As such, they're a useful tool.

My broker called me a week after first cases left China "do you want to shift a bit to gold?". Yep. definitely.

Also, rare earths are not bad either, even now.

#3 - always, but when learning something there's a degree of experimentation that comes along. I'd say it's way too late to do it now if you hope to jump at something that helps now. Otherwise, learning is the best thing to invest it but when getting your feet wet (I mean, mostly with investments as per #2) caution is key given all the volatility around.


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