And yet … Hillary had voters … and thing at what would’ve happened if she had ran a fair primary without the DNC machinations that sent Bernie voters home. Hillary + a sizeable chunk of the Bernie cult > Trump cult (maybe, we’ll never truly know). Instead, we got backstage backstabbing machinations that go against Democratic party values. Yeah, you’re right in the piece, overall.

But really? Berniacs, Sandernistas? You’re going out of your way to ignore the fact that Hillary’s other fault was to throw any notion of Democracy out the window … and then get upset because the “berniacs” held to their values instead of shifting to “forget about being backstabbed, let’s go anti-Trump”.

True loyalty (cult-like, if you will) goes beyond power play. Bernie’s voters did what I think all voters should do: vote for those who represent their values, rather than vote against something. They had to choose between a Republican bad guy and a Democrat in name only who just trampled the meaning of Democracy.


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