Apple … “ it can still keep its ideals, its élan vital, its founding character, its spirit of rebellion” … I’m sorry, Umair, but what Apple stuff have you been smoking? I enjoy your articles as much as any left-leaning bloke that tries to reserve some time for thinking but this is … surreal.

Apple has been on China Labor Watch lists for poor employee conditions since forever. Yeah, it doesn’t exploit its low level workers directly like Amazon does but it rarely makes a move and only when confronted by public opinion, as if it somehow has no idea what its assembly line managers are doing.

Apple has long lost its founding character and spirit of rebellion not long before Steve Jobs died. From a tech point of view this came with pluses and minuses but from a business perspective its been hell. In the last two iterations of its Macbook/Pro lines, Apple lost its affordability and usability (and some say, even design). Add to that the fact that it still lives in its own universe totally parallel to reality (not to mention it’s clamped down on participants in its app ecosystem in a way that slightly reminds me of what Amazon is doing).

If it comes down to dystopian exploitative enterprises, my top comes like this:

  1. Facebook (tracking, exploiting data, studies on increasing social media addiction, building a monopoly though that’s hardly their fault — it’s mostly down to political regulators, workplace misogyny and so on … mostly down to the last 4 years) => plus side: really nothing



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