Aside from an unconfirmed study, the best sample of manipulation is this “Excessive gaming causes Rickets, a condition caused by lack of vitamin D, which we get from sunlight.”

Of course, gaming uses up your vitamin D. Somehow. Unlike other indoor activities like reading, cooking, watching tv, etc. Gaming specifically.

Fact is, sedentarism is bad, regardless of cause. Whether it’s agoraphobia, gaming, tv, reading.

I used to be really into gaming. I did have issuers, particularly with vitamins D deficiency. Gaming turned into interest into programming and later in college days of sitting indoors reading. Guess what, different indoor activity didn’t make it better, it was just getting worse.

So now I take walks, work out, socialize. I still play a couple of hours a day. I don’t use anything with a backlit screen before bed. Basically, balance.

Clickbait crap articles tell more about the frustrations of the author (and confirmation bias of those liking it) rather than anything meaningful about the subject.


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