Cost-effective cloud hosting

  • For providers offering per hour or per second pricing, I took the list pricing for European datacenters and consdered a 31-day month full usage
  • AWS/Azure/Alibaba also have reduced committed pricing for yearly/3 year use (also 6 months for Alibaba), however for a reliable comparison I’ve only used listing pricing as in fact all of them have a form of discount around the 1 year committment mark.
  • DO and Hetzner also charge by the hour but the usage costs have an upper cap (the values mentioned in the table), when you exceed it through hourly costs then you get charged the lump monthly sum
  1. Azure, AWS and Alibaba are by far the most expensive for this level. On powerful servers things change (in fact nobody seems able to match Azure/AWS/GCP on sheer power of their resources)
  2. What is missing here is performance, established providers run high performance networking setups and offer the best hardware, which matters. DO and GWHost target enthusiasts and although DO has been improving infrastructure, it’s still not a match.
  3. Hetzner is the cheapest, with a caveat. Its CPU resources are not dedicated (locked by the VMs). They are shared, thus if you ran into a bad tenant that decides to test CPU power on the same machine, you may find performance degraded.
  4. You can’t beat GCP in terms of control. They CLI tool is awesome and you can export operations as CLI commands after you’ve performed them in the UI (eg: start a GKE application and on the next page you can export what you did as a CLI command you can then use as an example to script provision/deploy/whatever). AWS CLI tools are a pain to learn through the official documentation and you need to scour the Internet for examples (sometimes hard to find).
  5. You can’t beat Hetzner overall. Their console isn’t a match for AWS EC2 console or GCP, but considering the price … man oh man!
  6. GWHosting comes in a close second. Their datacenter is in Romania so you get Romanian internet speed (100Mbps upload, 200Mbps download tested with speedtest-cli — whaaaaat??)
  7. DO tech support is awesome, but they started charging for snapshots a while back. GWHost support is great and snapshots are free (for now). Another downside, upload/download speeds (~20Mbps in their Frankfurt datacenter)



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