Andrei Dascalu
1 min readSep 21, 2018


Funny stuff. “It’s deeply inaccurate, as American thinkers are trying to do these days, to say that all the things above are just “redistribution.””

It’s funny because ‘redistribution’ is what Russians under Stalin used to call taking down an undesirable entrepreneur. If you had money and talked bad stuff about the beloved leader, your stuff would get ‘redistributed’ to the state for the use of the working class.

It’s also what Kim Jong Il’s cronies did in identical circumstances until the leader’s demise (dunno if mr. Un also does it).

The Chinese did it (arguably still do it, but it’s less likely for me to notice that unless it makes it as such in the western press).

Hell, I come from Romania, born before the ‘revolution’ and our former beloved leader call it the very same word.

So yeah, it’s funny to learn that Americans call it “not a socialist thing but redistribution” when socialists used the same word for a forceful liquidation of private assets.