Andrei Dascalu
1 min readDec 11, 2020


GO ? What’s this pretentious crap? It’s a name, not an acronym. There is no SCRUM, there is Scrum. There is no GO, only Go (Golang if you want to be helpful in fighting the ubiquity of the word).

Also, Go is not a functional language. It’s nowhere near the ballpark of functional languages. Allowing for currying is not enough.

There is no first class support for immutable data types. No generics. No pattern matching. No map/enum.

Also, frameworks aren’t overrated particularly in Go. If you aim for purity and performance, you can go native, sure.

But frameworks save A LOT of boilerplate. That’s important because you’d need to invest a lot of time in design to bypass boilerplate. Also, stdlib is a mess, particularly as far as idiomatic Go is concerned. There’s no consistency and that’s a nerve wrecking mess.

For small microservices that dig the ‘micro’, it’s probably ok but something of more complexity is an invitation to foot shooting that could be avoided with fiber or gin.