Heard about it yes, though I’m hardly aware of any other implications beyond the shift in prices.

But when I’m thinking transfer fees, when I’m sending money to an account (within EU), I have 100 EUR în my account, I send 20 to your account, I’m down by 20, you receive 20 so that’s a pretty neat trick in hiding fees.

I know that for a bank there are fees but there’s a shift in who pays what. Eg, my current bank has almost no fees at all for common operations for retail customers but makes up a lot of costs from corporate customers.

Obviously it differs, but right now I only pay about 15 EUR a year for my account with 2 de it cards and have no fees that are taken off me for transferring or paying.

Sure, I do realize that retailers probably offset payment costs one way or another, but peer to peer transfers….


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