I guess one of these days the US will have to decide on the political spectrum.

You can’t cry like the Republicans and say that there should be less intrusion of the government in state affairs or of regulating bodies into the affairs of corporations and that markets should be more free and less regulated … and ultimately call for civil action.

Representative democracy works when people send their representatives to do just this: make things right and uphold commonly held values.

If we say that what some of what Amazon does is wrong, or that there should be a threshold over which corporations should be held to a closer accountability since they have more impact and more power, then let it be so. Our representatives should be charged with creating legislation to that effect.

Boycotting Amazon might do something but shouldn’t be the way. As people, I don’t believe it’s right to feel entitled to a different behaviour from one entity. It we want to level the playing field, that’s what legislation is for! Legislation creates the environment in which we live.


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