I see your point, but you’re:

  1. mistaken with respect to Apple choice. In the way you’re framing it, Apple is a monopoly because it formed its own market, which is that of integrated devices (hardware + software). If you want to frame it as a choice, then the choice is Apple vs Google (in terms of software) and/or Apple vs device makers in the other. Which leads to either Google is NOT a monopoly in its field (where it fights Apple) OR Apple is a monopoly (for integrated devices).
  2. missing the main point. Apple is as exploitative and socially irresponsible as the rest of them. Whether it’s part of a monopoly, oligopoly or duopoly may be relevant to other discussions, but in this case it’s just another part of the problem. Each company has something redeeming it, as long as you buy into them.

But if you draw a line, Apple isn’t a choice. If you’re buying into Apple with your computing platform, you’re technically locked in unless you’re willing to buy your way out. It becomes a necessity in the sense that at some point it simply makes no practical sense to make a different decision. I bought Apple a long time ago and while I recognise many of its products as technically inferior (don’t get me started on iPhone batteries, I do look with envy at Huawei or Samsung owners) for me it simply makes no economical sense to go the other way at this time (I’m not a device enthusiast, changing my ways would be more expensive) but it’s not a real choice. Apple has 26% market share in a way that’s closer to a prison, but in the same way 74% of the market didn’t choose Apple.


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