I would argue a few points:

  1. Society has never been led by reason or logic. Certain individuals have created currents grounded in reason or logic, but those were always limited to certain circles (mostly academia, influencing popular thought only far as education penetrates). Morality has been a far only as far as no other need superseded it. Morality has no challengers when commonly defined by fairly flat and even societies (consider the old world in the colonization era ).
  2. It’s not reality society denies. It is change. Simple thought: not long before the age of information, it was easy to live in a bubble, even within large metropolitan areas. Ideas outside your circle of friends and favorite press had little penetration power. Today, reality means that ideas get confronted easier, faster and stronger. When creating a digital bubble fails, denial comes in. I am too lazy or tired to have my ideas challenged so I seek out confirmation bias and hide behind my digital information bubble. I create a defense mechanism to deny dominant thought currents and slightly shape or rename enough elements (spin) to leave my core belief untouched. I don’t want to change or be challenged. I want my comfort.