I would be great if you would both unblock your caps lock key as well as your reading abilities. Have you used those reading abilities you might have noticed that I never mentioned votes. Nobody mentioned vote rigging with respect to the Hillary/Bernie debacle. Like you said, it is very possible that Hillary would have won anyway.

What I said is that part of her self inflicted problem was that despite all those things you mentioned she still felt the need to get DNC officials to effectively campaign for her and to get delegates and superdelegates that came from Bernie votes to either vote for her or declare support for her, before the DNC vote itself.

Not sure if you’re familiar with how things are supposed to work, but I will do my best to explain in simple words so as not put too much strain on your already stretched abilities.

Ideally you campaign, people vote or caucus and then the delegates cast the vote according to elector choice.

If Hillary goes to X and then X says he prefers her (or downright will vote for her, elector choice be damned), then you have a mockery of a democratic process. You don’t care what people think, you don’t let them do their stuff, etc. Even assuming those people were preferring Hillary from the get go, what’s the point? You let things unfold, they still vote and you win. Otherwise, you just lose the other camp, which at the end of the day should still be your side. But no, you trample the mere appearance of choice (and still cry that those who believed in the process and democracy don’t like you anymore).

But on the plus side, these events have really helped coagulate momentum against old school centrists. If Bernie fails again, it’s likely Warren gets bumped a notch, which is OK since she’s just a degree under Bernie on the leftist scale. But their supporters are unlikely to cast a single vote towards establishment representatives.



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