I'm not sure what's the real counterpoint here to the audio quality argument.

"the overall lack of good USB-C headphones is the real problem" - ok, so ... holding on to the jack doesn't provide an incentive to progress since if customer pressure is needed, sitting in the comfort zone won't help. If any, removing the jack is a kick in the right direction.

"lack of uniformity in Bluetooth protocols, pairing procedures" - what's the lack of uniformity in BT protocols? There are several versions of the protocol but it's backwards compatible and within the same version ... of course it's uniform. BT 4 is BT 4 for every device, it's a standard. And pairing procedures are uniform. For any headset that's not in the 'true wireless' category, the pairing procedure is the same: hold on the power button longer to start pairing. Nearly all of the high quality headsets also offer zero-tinker pairing via NFC, which is also the same (just touch the devices) - notable exception Apple that doesn't use NFC. Having 2 procedures is hardly problematic, particularly when 1 does cover all cases and the 2nd is a convenience. Either is a step forward over fumbling about with a cable.


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