Andrei Dascalu
2 min readApr 3, 2021


It's a good compilation of basic interview questions. But on the off chance someone takes the answers seriously, don't. The answers to the basics are bad/incomplete.

1. that's a relative question, the view of benefits comes in contrast with your own experience. Common ones are concurrency, fast compilation and efficient GC, for sure.

3. Totally wrong. Some listed types don't exist, many are missing. Which ones? Hint: there's no "method" datatype.

5. The forms of conversion are casting & library conversion functions. Casting is also used to retrieve a specific type from a declared interface.

6. Wrong. Goroutines are stopped by returning or panicking (which incidentally could take your program down entirely). How you end up calling a return (by channel or just directly) is irrelevant.

Also, what exactly is a lightweight thread compared to a "standard thread"? That's usually the follow-up.

8. There are many ways, depending on whether you concatenate a known number or variable number of strings. What's the most efficient? Hint: not addition.

11. The short answer is the correct one. No inheritance. That's it.

13. You are tying the explanation to the assignment operator which makes the answer TOTALLY wrong. Lvalue/Rvalue refer to which side of any operator a certain value is. 10 is not inherently a rvalue. A constant can't be used as a lvalue for assignment, but that's it. "there is a rvalue on the left" is a nonsense.

15. Nobody would phrase an interview question like that, particularly if you claim it as an intermediate level. Maybe "explain how you can return from functions".

Funny that in the coding challenge part you make use of rune type but forgot to list it as such :)