It’s great to put the spotlight on these cases because we definitely need more awareness and more pressure to be put on representatives to force some sort of shift in the justice system to provide more protection for victims and to balance out the burden of proof in these cases. I feel that prosecutors are being unfairly expected to offer the same degree of proof as in other types of crime, something that’s simply not possible in these cases.

And yes, we need more awareness and people standing by people, rather than a sort of male vs female stance. But the position to demand a shift (some call it a debate, but no, there’s no debate when lives are being destroyed or lost) is undermined by:

  • focusing the responsibility on the judge alone — the judge is just one of the roles in the justice system. In a trial, the weight is carried by a prosecutor in proving guilt and it’s the prosecutor’s decision to accept a plea deal. In few states (and few court types) a judge has the option to reject a plea deal if the judge considers it harms the victim’s interests or feels the prosecutor did a piss poor job (but mostly a judge gets to acknowledge a plea deal and deliver a verdict based on a lesser crime). Frankly, as a non-American, I find it appalling that US citizens are not equal and the degree of protection depends on which state their ordeal took place in.



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