it’s incredibly stupid to say stop using CLI. Particularly when the reasoning boils down to ‘you might not discover options unless they are delivered to you’. Which is really poor reasoning, why should you rely on a tool for discovery? Discovery comes through need and training (if you are curious) and experimentation can come just as well through CLI and reading through the options that are presented when you mistype something.

If you don’t know about some of git’s features it means you haven’t had a real need for them and the fact they may be listed on a menu somewhere doesn’t mean you will remember them when you need them, nor that you understand what they are for.

Of course, there are other silly things. You don’t know which branch you are on. Really? You know there are CLI overlays and add-ons regardless of OS that help with that.

The only thing I do use a GUI for (gitkraken is great, but Fork is better because it’s also free) is the visualization of branch relationships (or for easy integrations with repository systems, mainly GitHub and bitbucket).


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