Just a few observations:

  • How old the conflict is depends on when you consider its start. Is is around the 1880s-90s with the start of state sponsored Jewish immigration into the Territories? Is it the war of terror waged by Haganah against Brits and Arabs? Is it the creation of Israel or the first invasion? Arguably could be more than a century.
  • The PA doesn’t claim whole of Jerusalem, just the East side. Israel wants it undivided.
  • Israeli may not technically equal Jewish but all centre and right parties in Israel beat a lot of drums over preserving the Jewish character of Israel. It’s also in the charter under which statehood was declared.
  • The causes haven’t changed. Although immediate causes vary, for the last 60 years the main cause and ideological tool has been the right to return of the Palestinian refugees. Recognized by UN and denied by Israel, it’s been used to radicalise people on both sides.