Largely I agree, though the good points tends to be lost between things like "You need a digital wallet which is provided by platforms like Coinbase which can get hacked" - anything can get hacked. Banks, payment intermediaries, etc. But while Bitcoin itself is susceptible due to some technical limitations, other 'coins' have solved the theft issue (one of the less elegant out there, Ethereum, has already dealt with a large scale hack and recovered the stolen tokens).

Bitcoin has indeed failed greatly at being a coin. There's one main reason for it: it lacks the ability to support fast transactions. At the moment, it can handle roughly 4 to 7 transactions per second. Any of the major card companies that broker transactions within the banking system of the world can do tens of thousands a second.

I can't see a currency in use that would fail to account for this technical challenge.

There are a number of other cryptos that, by all accounts, could technically take the currency crown.


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