Meh. It's true that most functinalities are redundant, but one thing about cleaner apps is that they put them all together with mode details.

Sorry, but I don't really want to scurry in my phone to keep deleting stuff that I don't need when I'm running out of space. Yeah, if you have a flagship phone with 128Gb, that's probably not that interesting but if you're having an oldie phone with 16Gb storage and people sending stuff via WhatsApp, that becomes interesting.

Also, there are plenty of apps that remain running in background using data/gps/etc. Yeah, I want my apps to use data/gps but usually when they're in foreground.

I wish Android had this switch to only allow use of GPS/Data when the app is in foreround (iOS allows that) so that I don't have to micromanage things.

Otherwise, if it's been in the background a while, maybe it's time they die.


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