“My gripe is with human faith in technology” — a very good way to state the issue. I am troubled by this very idea, blind faith in something that brings possibilities but with little focus on the issues that we do need a solution for, ideally in a way that doesn’t create more issues.

But I’m still not sure where hate of the blockchain comes from. Sure, I tend to distrust hype and promises but that’s got nothing to do with the thing itself. This statement feels like a bunch of people seeing a boat, all jumping on it at the same time and rocking it until it sinks … then blaming the boat.

Didn’t take the time to see what it can do, whether it can take you to places you want to be, if not then develop it into a boat that can take you where you want to be or simply explore the places where it can take you and see what can be done there.

Nope … blockchain, following the same approach to politics, has lead to radicalisation. There are blockchain fanatics that want a slice of the pie created by the gazillion ICOs and blockchain haters that hate everything about blockchain, starting with the hype and the unstable investment environment (yeah, blockchain created one that’s a billion time more unstable than futures market, for example, and spread the instability around).

So … can’t see the forest due to the trees. Blockchain can do more than just coins. It won’t cure cancer, but hating it because some people somehow believe it might do that it still idiotic, IMHO.


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