Not sure if ‘rescue’ is the word I’d use, but socialism is well at work in France, Denmark and most of the other nordic countries. Socialism means just that, a pack of policies oriented at building a society. A culture of socialism tends to reduce cronyism (not eliminate it, that’s something we should accept, I think). We’re not talking about communism either.

A proper social foundation means responsible taxation (eg: cuts for investment, larger taxes for saved money) and investment in quality education, healthcare, social services, etc. Of course, that’s just the very basics but the point is to target division and emphasise what unites people.

Cronyism, partisanship, the gap between the rich and poor widens when pocketed money buys access to education, to opportunities and those that can’t afford access will never have it.

Democrats have plenty of socialist policies in their backpack but at the same time suffer from the same chronic cronyism.


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