Not sure this is necessarily American. This realization simply comes as a byproduct of cultural evolution but we are forgetting here that not so long ago there was no concept of human rights.

These people found themselves in a position of power which they abused simply because they could. The reasons don’t matter as much as observing that what they did was pretty much acceptable a while ago in our history. They were doing these things (mostly) behind closed doors as they knew them to be wrong yet even today in other parts of the world these are mere facts of daily lives of people.

R Kelly married Aalyiah when she was 14? Welcome to the culture of the Rroma.

Rape? Torture? (of women in particular) weapons of war in just about every conflict in Africa and many parts of Asia, even today.

It’s not American, it’s global and it travels. People grow up with the idea that women are somehow “less” and bring it along, spread it around and infects others.


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