Andrei Dascalu
1 min readMar 30, 2021


Not sure what most of the issues have to do with the cloud. Well, ok S3 is obvious. But the first? That’s a library issue. Lazy everything seems to have become a blanket goal of sorts everywhere. It’s not a cloud specific issue.

The last bit? Same.

Bit there is an answer to this. Awkwardly the answer tends to be cloud focused in that the actual implementation is more obvious and easier in cloud.

The answer is Devops. That mythical practice that brings together two formerly siloed departments to work together from the start.

In our team, devs don’t need to test credentials. Credentials are tested at creation before deposited into secure configuration storage. Whether shared DEV environments, staging or prod, apps receive configuration from secure storage. There is a CD pipeline that handles the validation of configuration and its storage.

The application validates at startup that the correct keys are read and have values.