Not sure why Facebook should make up for anything? It’s just a medium, used by people. I guess the truest thing in this article is that an external factor can’t pretend to know people’s interests better than the people themselves.

Who uses Facebook to get their information instead of press? The people who sign up. Why should Facebook make up in any way for what people do?

Who uses Facebook to spread misinformation? People. Until lying will be outlawed (because that’s totally a thing to do and nobody ever lies outside of online platforms), why exactly should that be policed online?

The difference between an echo chamber and a public square is simply perception. Getting things reflected back strains personal filters, sure, but take a public square at scale and you’re getting the exact same situation of drowning.

Shouldn’t taking a step back be an option? Why put the responsibility of policing the situation on Facebook? Are they that trustworthy?


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