Not wealth with virtue, otherwise we would also look up to the likes of Rupert Murdoch or any number of Wall Street traders.

It’s an unwritten belief that someone who innovates in some circumstances would do the same in a different domain. Solve a different issue or use gained power for good. But it’s not about money. Jack Dorsey isn’t nearly as rich as Bezos or Musk but we don’t ask Musk to reign Trump in, do we?

The other reason we look at Big Tech is because they’re not politicized. They are independent. Sure, any given individual has a set of moral beliefs that may lean in a political direction but they are not beheld by a desire to satisfy people that hold some control over them.

That’s a paradox but we don’t have faith in politicians they we elect because (aside from being bought by campaign contributors) we don’t like it when our side doesn’t have full control.


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