Romania Mobile Operators: Vodafone vs Orange vs Telekom

Subscription benefits

Vodafone: pretty great on the level > 10 EUR/month, you get some 20Gb of data which turns unlimited at the 14 EUR mark, nice roaming allocation that starts at ~6 Gb and jumps 1.5Gb for each price bracket. You also get a base of 600 international voice minutes, which jump to 1000 and finally unlimited on the 25 EUR bracket. As a bonus you also get 6 months of HBO Go. Sadly, it’s impossible to find what bonus they give you to switch to them.

Customer Service

Vodafone: all interactions with their customer service were quite great in that they would always provide an answer, whether on the spot or later. Sometimes though it did take insisting to register a complaint or request, even though all their documents mention this is something they need to do. Discussing renegotiating a contract or simply giving up their service is simple and surprisingly straightforward.

Mobile web/app

Vodafone: their mobile app seems to a be sort of hybrid app that constantly fails to complete operations. Logging in is absurd, in that user/password login constantly fails. If you’re on mobile data, it should log you in automatically … if you manually navigate away from the login form, something that I discovered by trial an error. Once in the application, viewing account data and metrics is pleasant and easy, doing anything else can result in deep frustration. Moreover, their iOS app is only available for Romanian Apple accounts in a time when many people already have accounts in other countries (presumably with purchased content).

Data speeds

Vodafone: Vodafone is the kind of speed in Romania. They have the best infrastructure and regularly rent it out to other operations (RDS, even Orange). They were the first with 4G and later with 5G in Romania and have consistent high score in P3 communications standard tests.

Voice quality

Vodafone: while quality has been great, the stability of the voice service hasn’t been on par. Throughout the previous year, Vodafone’s voice service went down several times even when other providers were still up.



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