Sorry, but the presentation comes from a false dilemma. When you have to choose between reputable sources of information and fakes and you don’t do the research when your life is at stake then I don’t see why it would be on search engines and social media to save people from themselves?

It’s not like information is hidden in the same way you have small type clauses in credit contracts. There are plenty of fact checkers and there are always doctors but if people decide to overlook trustworthy sources within reach then why exactly adding layers of censorship would work? Are search engines going to hire doctors full time to curate The Internet in real time? And hope that people looking for fake natural cures won’t flock to their own homeopathy search engine which someone is sure to setup (while pharma has already started to promote homeopathy in pharmacies and thus give credibility to a whole market of snake oil).

But sure, let’s start on the censorship roller-coaster. That has always worked well for everyone.


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