Sure thing, if you get paid in cash then you don’t have the low-level problem others have (you have the higher level problem of using the centralised system, where you do need the approval but of only one bank which regulates and emits the notes you are using— but at least it’s more or less a public system that in theory can be regulated by your representatives for which you vote … I won’t go into the electoral system, that’s a different thing)

The thing I was talking about is more of an issue in just very few US states and in almost all European countries as well as most of Middle East (ok, there it varies a lot since despite regulations enforcement isn’t very strong) and many Asian countries. Companies are not allowed to pay employees in cash, for purchases over certain amounts and of certain goods and services you are never allowed to use cash (if you buy a used car, for example, cash can be ok but no authorised dealer will accept anything but card).


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