“The internal conflict in Venezuela is driven by the oppression of the Maduro government and the economic collapse.”

Well, in any regime you will find disagreement with whoever is in power. What matters is the ability of opposition to gather some significant majority support before legitimacy is claimed. If we stick with Venezule example, the different is between these two situations:

1-opposition goes around foreign powers and gets pledged support to come back and motivate opposition (hey, I’ll bring medicine and food from abroad if you guys join me to get rid of this guy). That’s what I mean by foster — provide direct support not to the people, but to the opposition, which they use as a bribe to buy support rather than direct relief. Meaningful relief goes like “hey, the world agree that venezuelans are suffering so we’ll get bipartisan support from govt and opposition to make sure these get where they’re needed — the moment anyone tries to appropriate this we’ll put the fear of God into them”

2-there’s already a movement underway with a clear majority support. Which, in the case of Venezuela, it wasn’t. Even after the opposition got international support, there’s still some popular support for Maduro. Looking in from the outside, I’d guess the opposition has more popular support but is there any justification for any foreign power to make a call on behalf of venezulans? Nope.

Meaningful revolutions is done internally, through and through. Ukraine made it on its own, Romania the same.


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