Andrei Dascalu
2 min readJan 23, 2019


While I agree with the fundamental idea that conspiracy theories on Soros have a ground in the fascination of conspiracy theorists with judaism, I’ve come to resent the anti-semitism concept since it’s been totally corrupted and has become a tool to silence dissent.

Anti-semitism has come to mean any disagreement against views held by jewish persons or the state of Israel.

Sure, historically there’s been a lot of anger against jews that did well (particularly in the New World) and the fact that before the recognition of Israel they were (and still are, to a certain extent) spread throughout the world by necessity (and united by the very lack of a country to call their own) didn’t help a lot.

But at the same time, somehow the attribute of voicing disagreement has got its own word “anti-semitism” and also got enshrined into law in many places. Why did that happen for jews only? Well, you get a couple million Roma people killed, that doesn’t warrant legal protection of this sort, there’s no “anti-roma” enshrined in law anywhere. You need 3 times as many deaths, apparently (also they still don’t have a country, nor an international community as united).

And why does that word extend to the state?

I think Israel should stop using terror to oppress Palestinians (bombing campaigns that kill hundreds in exchange for every 0 killed by aimless attempts also aims to instil fear of Israel just as the state’s adversaries aim in reverse, both count as terrorism). So I’m an anti-semite apparently.

Let’s aim to stop colonisation and dismantle settlements that violate international law. Anti-semitism!

Let’s allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. Anti-semitism!

Let’s put the screws to a state that develops nuclear weapons outside of international treaties. Anti-semitism!

You dare join boycotts and movements of support for a two-state solution, join humanitarian aid convoys or even question why such a great country (and Israel is a great country and great people) still won’t allow others the same kind of country that they got (by bombing the British nonetheless, but somehow that was ok to do to get a country) …. yes, you’re an anti-semite.

Ok. fine. I’m busted. But can we discuss those issues some time?