Wow…. given the writing I have serious doubts about the ‘computer scientist’ claim of the author. Someone might tamper with a compiler so that might lead to someone seeing his pizza being delivered but he doesn’t have a problem with that however voting is more sensitive. No shit!

And yet we do use software, from monitoring nuclear arsenals to banking (fun fact: neither of those things resemble pizza delivery). Do you know why we are able to use computers and software for that? Because programmers have managed to mitigate existing issues and are getting better at it.

Newsflash, current voting systems also use software, technically they are electronic voting systems with the caveat that the software runs on dedicated machines. And it is imperfect as well but on the other hand, why should that stand in the way of improving and distributing the system.

Another newsflash, if I’d use a mobile voting app, the compiler wouldn’t compile it on my device, it would be the same process used for the current voting machines, just that the result would run on my machine.


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