You can call it far-left and it’s a dubious exaggeration to call Maduro a democratically elected leader. But let’s take a step back towards objectivity.

Maduro was elected. The election was, most likely, a sham as it is with dictatorship in various flavours. Are there free elections in any declared theocracy, dictatorship or various one/two party systems where choice is either deliberately limited or non-existent?

But as a state, do you respect the right for self-determination of others? It’s a fairly moot question because historically the US never put a value on democracy itself but more on installing friendly governments whether it was supporting the Shah of Iran to depose an actually democratically elected government, various South American dictatorships, Saudi Arabia and the list goes on.

So the issue isn’t one of Democracy, it’s mere self-interested and in the face of self interest not even international law matters, which says that you shouldn’t interfere unless you have large scale crimes like a recognized genocide … or you’re being asked to by an internationally recongnized government.

But the article speaks about the left-wing failures. If for Republicans things like democracy or law matter little, you’d expect more from Democrats. “We disagree with the guy so let’s foster internal conflict since anyway venezuelans will do the fighting and dying” isn’t much of a reason.



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