You're talking about this year's 'collapse' which is not much of a collapse at all, as far as BTC is concerned. BTC was north of 20k at the end of 2017, tumbled 30% in 24h, tumbled more afterwards. It recovered to over 10k times and times over, never to its former glory though and now it's nowhere near that. If you're judging by recovery to some random value that's in the ballpark of short-term average, sure, but in the grand scheme of all things virtual coins, BTC has never recovered (even compared to its most traded value in terms of volume, which is just short of 15k)

On the other hand, people won't be able to flock to BTC due to technical limitations. There are already queues on transactions due to limitations of the consensus algorithm on updating the blockchain.

Assuming anything worthwhile in a large crisis appears from the virtual coins, it will be any new player that's supported by an algorithm that can actually take transactions in high volumes.



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